Renewable energy

Our team has been a part of this segment from the very start, and have seen all aspect from the smallest turbines moving on flatbed trailers and in containers up until latest were the dimensions are at a level were in many cases road freight is no longer an option.

The industry is still young and still needs a reliable transport partner that can give the alternative solutions and offer partnership agreements, so that the total cost picture for our clients can be reduced to a minimum

NTG Projects offers all aspects for this and through many years of experience within this segment we know the challenges inside out and therefore we can act as a proactive partner on any level of transport.

Through our global network we offer transport to any destination, including door-to-door deliveries and multimodal transports. We always offer solutions that give our clients the best possibilities to have components and spare parts available as required and demanded.

We provide reliable, cost-effective solutions, including risk assessments and operational manuals tailored to your requirements and the specific operation.